Legal Services

Mongolian Properties' legal team offers the following services to its clients:

  • Drafting & negotiating contract

  • Apartment ownership checks

  • Collateral & loan checks

  • Certificate transaction management

  • Notary facilitation

  • Facilitate mortgage approval process






Before transferring the ownership certificate onto your name, we can help you check the property ownership certificates, as property certificates are used as collaterals at banks or other financial institutions. Furthermore, Mongolian Properties will carry out a series of checks to verify the identity of the owner against the property and make sure that the owner is the sole owner of the entire property.

All property transactions in Mongolia have to be carried out through the office of an authorized notary. This is often a lengthy and complicated process. Mongolian Properties has established an excellent relationship with a number of leading notary offices in Ulaanbaatar. We will happily advise you and carry out all the transactions you need with a trusted notary on your behalf. We also have established relationships with most banks in Mongolia and can help you facilitate your mortgage approval process.

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