Architecture & Interior Design Advisory & Furnishing Services

With several decades of combined experience, our in-house team of designers and architects offer expert advice on architecture and interior design In addition, Mongolian Properties provides flexible furnishing options to suit our client’s needs.

Both rental and purchase options are available for furniture. Mongolian Properties will follow the subsequent steps when handling an order:

  • Detailed analysis of client's requirements

  • Presenting the client with a suggested apartment or room layout with the help of our own in-house interior design specialists

  • Product suggestion using the best value sources

  • Arranging quotations

  • Ordering the furniture

  • Handle the shipping and delivery, as well as the installation, mounting, and other arrangements



We maintain close ties with the furniture suppliers in Ulaanbaatar and abroad, which enables us to purchase hard to find furniture for home or office at discounted prices. We also maintain our own craftsmen that can handcraft furniture such as kitchen cabinets, storage shelves, book shelves, tables, chairs, beds, desks, and even Mongolian gers. Please note that if the furniture has to be imported we will only consider large orders due to high costs of transportation. If the apartment is in need for renovation work, we can also assist you with the all aspects of the renovation process.

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