Off Plan Investment Opportunities

Off-Plan projects offer exciting opportunities to invest in future developments.  They require a commitment to property purchase based on building plans alone, but provide a tremendous opportunity for investors to take equity in apartment or commercial premises before the completed project hits the market.

Investing in this manner requires intuitive speculation strategies, strong knowledge of local markets, and familiarity with the credentials of local developers.  For those new to the Mongolian market, especially foreign investors, these tasks can be daunting.  Mongolian Properties has all the necessary resources to guide you through the purchasing process and to help ensure you make the right decision for your portfolio.

One of the biggest advantages of off plan properties are you can negotiate a payment plan with the developer, hence you don’t need to pay upfront large amount of cash in one go and also you have a possibility to choose the best unit at the early stage at a discounted price.

For those interested in off-plan investments, our upcoming projects include the Olympic Residence, Circus Residence, Park Place and many more.

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