Spacious shop - FOR SALE - ground floor in the Regency Residence, in the center of Ulaanbaatar

525,000,000 MNT total price


- Regency residence, embassy district,just 8 minutes from the main square.


- Spacious store with fitting rooms and separate stock area.

- Prime location !!!  Many people pass by every day

- Total store area: 100 m² 

- Shop building has large windows

- located in the "Regency Residence" 


- Fantastic location

- Located right next to the famous restaurants MexiKhan & Brocoli (ground floor)

- Convenient store, ideal location

- Shop offers various options

- Large lobby, security and reception on the ground floor

- High security and 24 hour reception

Property Particulars

Type: Commercial space

Locality: Sukhbaatar

Address: Unesco street,Ulaanbaatar

Running Costs

  • Maintenance: 0MNT on average
  • Electricity: 0MNT on average
  • Water: 0MNT on average
  • Internet: 0MNT on average

**The numbers shown above are based on average calculations and may not accurately reflect individual cases.