Spacious 3 bedroom with reasonable price

2,200,000 MNT per m2

Property Particulars

Reference: SB#BRIDGE13

Type: Apartment

Locality: Bayanzurkh

Address: Bayanzurkh district,13r khoroolol, Ulaanbaatar






Location: The apartment located at Bayanzurkh district, 13th district which is the quiet busy area. Only 15mins walk away from Sukhbaatar square which means not far from the city of the centre. 


  • Open planned kitchen with living room
  • Spacious 3 bedrooms with plenty of storage
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Laundry room
  • Windows faced to south and east, west
  • 24 hours security

Advantages: Safe area, clean and organized. Quiet neighbors only 2 units on the floor. Close to the bus stops and shops etc. Not far from the main road. 

The apartment built by 'Bridge' construction LLC, is the first construction company which implemented ISO 9001 Certification in Mongolia.

The major international projects and local undertakings : 

  • Construction of the Japanese Embassy in Ulaanbaatar
  • Construction and equipment installation of repair building for the Mongolian State Autobus-1 Company
  • Construction of service center of Mobicom Corporation
  • Construction of the Bridge Plaza building
  • The three-phase project of upgrading the Meteorological Observation and Forecasting System in Mongolia
  • Construction work of repair workshop of the Blue Sky Airplane Company
  • Installed 1400km of the optical fiber along the Mongolian Railway as part of a project to install an optical fiber network
  • Construction of residential apartments
  • Road improvement work as part of a road repair project in Ulaanbaatar

For more information please contact 95957570

Running Costs

  • Maintenance: 0MNT on average
  • Electricity: 0MNT on average
  • Water: 0MNT on average
  • Internet: 0MNT on average

**The numbers shown above are based on average calculations and may not accurately reflect individual cases.