FOR SALE: 300sqm duplex apartment at Jargalan Khotkhon

2,300,000 MNT per m2

This 3bedroom duplex apartment is located in Jargalan Complex, Zaisan. This location is perfect for families looking to get away from the city noise and air pollution. 

On the 1st floor of the unit, there is an open plan kitchen with spacious living and dining areas, office space, fitness area, storage room, and a guest bathroom. On the 2nd floor of the unit there are 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and a walk-in closet. The unit also features a private garage right outside the apartment.



Property Particulars

Type: Apartment

Locality: Khan-Uul

Address: Khan-Uul duureg, Jargalan Khotkhon,Ulaanbaatar






Main Features:

  • 1storage rooom (1F)
  • 1 office room (1F)
  • 1garage with 2 car spaces 
  • 2 balconies facing south (1F; 2F)
  • 1 fitness area (1F)
  • Security screen door
  • 24hr security 

Running Costs

  • Maintenance: MNT on average
  • Electricity: MNT on average
  • Water: MNT on average
  • Internet: MNT on average

**The numbers shown above are based on average calculations and may not accurately reflect individual cases.