COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR SALE: Saruul Khoroolol, 84m2, 1st floor convenient store, east of Home Plaza & Dunjingarav Town

230,000,000 MNT total price

Location: East of Home Plaza, M1NT nightclub and Dunjingarav Town. 


  • Formerly used as a convenient store and supermarket
  • Ground floor
  • Populous Saruul Khoroolol
  • Area: 84.5m2

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Property Particulars

Type: Commercial space

Locality: Bayanzurkh

Address: Saruul khoroolol, building 113, ground floor,Ulaanbaatar




Running Costs

  • Maintenance: MNT on average
  • Electricity: MNT on average
  • Water: MNT on average
  • Internet: MNT on average

**The numbers shown above are based on average calculations and may not accurately reflect individual cases.

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